Stand-By Room or space Gives you during Newspaper Advertisements

Newspaper advertising works. Actually, newspaper advertising is producing better results now, than it’s in years as a result of significant decline in advertisers (which means less competition for you!) It is a superb time to make the most of this less competitive medium.

Due to the weak economic climate, newspapers tend to be more prepared to negotiate on the price of ads. Writing offers to the newspapers for stand-by space is a superb way to put ads for around 75% off newspapers’ open rates. Stand-by space is space that is still available very close to the newspapers’ final deadline. Generally the newspaper will fill these spots with in-house (or non-paid) advertisements. naija news  Obviously some revenue is better than none, so accepting stand-by offers is a way for the newspaper to achieve some revenue from these left-over spots, while you make the most of significantly reduced ad rates.

Usually an offer contains four things; the window of amount of time in which you would really like your ad to run, the quantity you’re willing to invest on this campaign, the locations and dates your ads can run, and finally, the ad art.

The window of amount of time in which you are allowing the ad to run may be anywhere from one week to multiple weeks. Generally, a two to three week window is effective for newspapers. This enables them to drop your stand-by ad in anytime within your designated window (depending on one other terms of the offer).

Clearly stating your financial allowance for the stand-by space offer enables you to monitor the quantity of money that you will be spending on the course of one’s campaign. A common solution to designate your financial allowance is by setting a cap on the quantity of ads which can be placed within your own time window. For instance, if your offer states that you are willing to pay for $200 for a quarter page ad and your financial allowance is $1,000, you can allow the newspaper know that you are only authorizing the employment all the way to 5 ads for a maximum charge of $1,000.

Other parameters that have to be outlined are where and when you would really like these ads to run. The more flexible you’re the more likely your ad is usually to be picked up. However, if your ad was created to only run in the sports section, you’ve to be sure that the newspaper understands that. If you are open to any section in the newspaper, you’re more likely to get placed. In terms of the occasions of the week, you can request a newspaper only use your ads on the weekends (Friday, Saturday and/or Sunday) or you can authorize the use of the ad any day that space becomes available.

Finally, the ad art must be submitted to the newspaper. You can make a certain size and the newspaper can only use that size, or you can submit a variety of sizes so the newspaper has more opportunities to get your ads placed. In any event, ensure the newspaper understands if your offer is for a black and white ad or a color ad.

Stand-by space offers are an effective way to get your ads into newspapers for much less compared to regular rates. However, you need to recognize that placement via stand-by offers is not guaranteed. If space doesn’t become available, your ad won’t be placed and you won’t be charged. Stand-by space offers may be tricky and time consuming, so employing the aid of an ad agency with expertise in newspaper advertising might be a good idea.

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