Some Tips on the Control of Wasps and Removing Wasps Nests

Some Tips on the Control of Wasps and Removing Wasps Nests

During the spring and summer months you get a lot of visitors to your garden. While bees and flies are visitors anyone will welcome the wasps are a type of unwelcome visitors. If you see any wasps in your garden, be on the lookout for their nests. Normally you will find wasps nests under soffits and behind sidings in addition to the many other places.

Unlike bees that come to your garden on their daily routines and go back to their hives, wasps will build nests in any convenient location they find. Usually it is a place where many people will not reach they build their nests. These insects are also similar to bees in their action and they are active during day time. They stay inside their wasps nests during night time. In case you find wasps in the garden it is a good idea to look for their nests. If you find them it is better to remove them.wasp nest

The best way to locate the nests of these insects is to observe them from far and note where they fly. You could follow that direction and probably you will be able to find their nest. Removing it has to be done carefully. The best thing is to call a pest control company. They will do the job easily as they are geared to do such jobs. Also they have the necessary chemicals and insecticides to use.

Wasps are easily attracted to smell of sweat and perfumes. Therefore, it is not strange for these curious insects to hover above your head. When you sit in your deck or around the swimming pool, one could disturb you. An instrument that could come in handy to get rid of them is a hand held zapper. When you just get it to touch the insect, it will die on contact. Therefore, it is a good idea to have one handy in your deck. If you accidentally touch one of these insects it is able to inflict intense pain on you with its sting.

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