Realistic Techniques for Exam Success

Exam preparation hours are generally limited. Your workload is normally considerable. Strategy is therefore essential if you’re to be as effective as possible.

I work with many school and university students to boost their exam performance. Planning out revision time is really a important element to gaining confidence with a powerful sense to be fully prepared. When planning, it is good to be as specific as you can with allocation of time for you to task 2022 jamb runz. For instance, rather than assign “all day Monday” to “Maths”, divide up your day into 40-45 minute blocks and assign blocks of time for you to specific topics within Maths. If you’re good with maintaining concentration, then perhaps you are able to push your focus to being effective for just two consecutive time blocks before having a short break. However, human concentration span tends to begin to peter out after 40 minutes – and there’s no point in sitting there reading the exact same material 3 times without actually absorbing it. Give yourself a quick (five to ten minute) break where you re-hydrate (water is fine) and think of things besides algorithms or vectors.

If you start this method sufficiently early, you’ll also have the capacity to vary subject material during the day – perhaps Maths each morning and Biology in the afternoon. Brains love variety for refreshment purposes. Draft a study schedule with all this detail and display it completely view. It will also assure you that you’ll cover all of the material as you could have clearly assigned time for you to each topic, and help to reduce your stress levels as you could have split up that huge, looming “whole subject” into manageable parts.

After you’ve completed each of your topics within your own time blocks, tick them off in your schedule to emphasise that sense of achievement. Remember, at the end of every day, to relax and unwind effectively – you’ll have to be fully recovered to be top of your game to get back into it tomorrow.

Both intensive A Level revision Christmas courses and the IB revision course are run by chief and principal examiners and are thorough and meticulous in their approach. We combine vigorous exam technique training together with highly qualified teachers and chief examiners to administer the lessons.

We are motivated by the potential of every of our students- our results reveal that students who attend our courses perform better in exams and achieve higher grades.

Through the Christmas holiday period we’re running London IB revision courses, & A Level revision courses at our London, Bath & West Sussex venues.

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