La Carrera del Peregrino brings a brand new concept to the RUNNING scene, born from the combination of the values of the OLYMPISM and those of the JUBILEE spirit.

It is a relay race, where up to 10 teams will be participating, each of them made up of 10 runners, which will be covering the 785 kilometres from Roncesvalles to Santiago de Compostela, known as the FRENCH WAY.

This idea comes as a result of the fact that 2016 marks the celebration of the 120th anniversary of the First Olympic Games of the modern era, the Brazilian edition and the Jubilee Year of the Mercy.

Organiser: The Olympic Committee Foundation, which wants to highlight the non-competitive nature of the event, to encourage teamwork and the union of the Saint James’ Way philosophy and the Olympic Values that define and are represented by the Spanish Olympic Committee.

Dates: the first edition will be held in June 2017, from the 17th to the 24th.


It will be required to be 18 or over at the moment of the event and to have accepted the Rules when registering for it.


All participating teams will be provided with maps and descriptions for every STAGE to be completed at LA CARRERA DEL PEREGRINO.

6 DAYS… 1 STAGE EVERY DAY PER PARTICIPANT (anywhere from 9 to 18 kilometres long on average).


We shouldn’t forget that we will be taking part in an event which goes at all times over the SAINT JAMES’ WAY, a path for reflection, the finding of the self and to meet with all other participants. All the partakers in the event will show the utmost respect to pilgrims, accommodations, volunteers and residents of the various villages and cities they will go through. No waste will be littered across the 6 days the event will last.


Once a registration has been confirmed, the Organisation, under no circumstances, will refund the fee already paid, no matter what the reason for the runner not being able to take part in the race might be. Every registration is personal and non-transferrable. The Organisation reserves the right to take legal action if these rules are not met.


It is possible to choose from two types of registration:

5.1.-Individual: an individual registration will be submitted and the Organisation, according to the fitness profile reported by each participant, will arrange the 10-member teams. The assignment of each of the stages for the 6 days will be undertaken jointly by the team members and the Coordinator designated to every team, considering the characteristics of the next stage and the condition of each of the runners.

5.2- As a team: it will be possible for groups to register already as a whole team, but all its members should have submitted their registration form at the same time. The assignment of every stage will be undertaken in the same way than that of the teams made up of individual runners together with their Coordinator.


The French Way is signposted and all transition areas will be placed and marked properly both on the maps and in all their locations.

Medical Services will be permanently available along the route of the race as well as at the finish line of every day of the event. This Medical Team will be able to disqualify any of the participants if they consider they are not fit enough to continue.

Additionally, we will have a Podiatry and Physical Therapy service at the disposal of the runners which shall be requested through the Coordinators of each team.

A catering service will be available at the end of every STAGE, which will be provided by the Organisation. Runners will be able to have their own supplies, to be handed out by the Organisation, as long as they are delivered to them in the previous evening.


The Organisation will have the necessary insurance and licences for the development of the race. The Organisation will not assume any responsibility for any damage caused by the participants because of their carelessness, negligence or having not complied with the instructions of the Organisation.

All participants will have to submit (15 days before the start of the race) a statement where they declare they are in top condition for the completion of an event like this.


All participants will have to integrate the equipment provided by the Organisation with their own personal sponsors at all times. The Organisation reserves the right to ban any advertising elements if they find them too big, if they are from a direct competitor of the official sponsors of La Carrera del Peregrino, or because of any other reason the Organisation has no obligation to justify.


Every evening, the Organisation will offer a cultural program along the progress of the event which will include sport personalities, cultural, gastronomic and sport activities… This way, all the villages, provinces and regions of the FRENCH WAY will be represented and the program will reflect on its array of cultures and customs.


The registration means an explicit consent for the free use of Name, Surname and Photo of the participants in the media covering the event.

In accordance with the terms of Spanish Organic Law 15/1999, December 13th, on Personal Data Protection, we inform that taking part in the event implies the consent for their personal details to be incorporated to the automated file belonging to the Organisation. The purpose of this file is the data treatment for the event management.

The participants explicitly consent that pictures taken during the event can be used by the Organisation and the partnering companies and institutions for the diffusion, publicity and products related to the event.


By registering in LA CARRERA DEL PEREGRINO I commit to comply with the set of rules governing the event as well as with the instructions from the Organisation’s staff, accepting these regulations, which are available on the official website of the event.

I hereby:

  • Declare and certify that I am physically fit enough to participate in this event and that I already underwent the medical examinations required.
  • Confirm the lack of any illness or injuries that could be worsened as a result of my participation in this event. Hence, I take part in it on my own initiative, assuming any potential risks and consequences originated by this decision.
  • Allow the free use of my name and any photo taken during LA CARRERA DEL PEREGRINO on any publication or media, exempting the Organisers, Sponsors, Partners and Volunteers from any responsibility or complaint from me.
  • Assume and agree to comply with all these rules, conventions and security measures established by the Organisation. Also, I will be expected to show a responsible behaviour and to respect the philosophy of this event.
  • Authorise the Medical Services of the event to provide me with the needed care, even if it is unsolicited. If the Medical Services find I should quit the event because my health could be at risk, I will be expected to fully accept their recommendations.